Focus in the Park (Sibiu)

ARC Stake invites you to Focus in the Park, August 24-28, 2022 edition!

Focus in the Park is an event dedicated to alternative, jazz and contemporary music. Beyond this, the organizers invite the public to a much more complex experience, which perfectly combines music with outdoor activities and gastronomy.

This year, in the Sub Arini Park, where the event will take place, 3 stages will be placed for 5 days. Nationally famous artists will be invited, such as Subcarpathi, Irina Rimes and Zdob si Zdub, there will be traders of tasty culinary preparations and refined drinks. It is estimated that around 7,000-10,000 people/day will participate in the event.

By partnering with the Focus in the Park event, the ARC Stake team is waiting for you to get to know us, to present you the projects we have in progress, to initiate discussions about blockchain technology and the crypto field. We are waiting for you with many surprises and especially unique raffles! What could be nicer than spending time on a summer day in the shade of the trees in the park, enjoying a delicious gastronomic dish, washed down with a craft beer?

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