City of Artists (Sibiu)

We want to make you aware of the ARC Stake partnership with the City of Artists in Sibiu, with the main objectives of producing digital art on the blockchain, facilitating networking with local and national artists, consulting in issuing new collections of NFTs and not lastly, the provision of front-end and back-end development support.

The City of Artists is an association based in Piața Mică in Sibiu, whose mission is to promote art and artists in Sibiu and in the country. Those who appreciate art are awaited with an art gallery brought to the street, with painting workshops set up right here, in the public space, with workshops for children and adults, with workshops with parents and even with a library from which they can browse books about art.

ARC Stake has charted a clearly defined path in terms of its interests and vision, dedicated to the arts. The first important artistic project started by us will materialize on August 26, 2022, by launching the unique collection on the market of musical NFTs on the Elrond blockchain, the ARC x Radu Nechifor brand.

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