Introduction to Blockchain & MultiversX Conference

We invite you to an exceptional event by Seed Captain, a company with an amazing contribution to the MultiversX ecosystem, catalyst in the development of pioneering projects in the blockchain sphere! Seed Captain is the first project incubator in the MultiversX ecosystem, supporting valuable projects in the early stages of their development.

👉 Visit the Seed Captain Incubator webpage here:


🔗 Introduction to #Blockchain

❎ Introduction to #MultiversX

🟢 Come join us on April 1 at the Ramada Hotel in Craiova!

Get ready to learn and be inspired! The conference will cover everything you need to know about blockchain technology!

⛓ From introduction to implementation, the ARC Stake team will provide a comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology.

🔩 Do you want to know how to implement blockchain technology in your business? Come and listen to our experts, they will show you how!

📈 You will learn how to turn your ideas into a successful project through the session “From an idea to a project and how to launch a project on MultiversX”!

🎙 The speakers have extensive experience and knowledge in various topics such as blockchain, blockchain security, financial markets and business development.

➡️ Take the opportunity to expand your understanding of blockchain and how it can be leveraged in the business world.

🤝 The conference is open to everyone, and the best part? Participation is completely free!

Spots are limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait any longer!

➡️ You can reserve your ticket by accessing the link:

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