Charity Poker Night

Watch the ARC Stake Charity Poker Night LIVE on Friday, February 24, starting at 17:30 UTC / 19:30 🇷🇴:!

The event aims to combine entertainment, socializing and philanthropic spirit, with famous names and causes from Sibiu and beyond as players at the poker table!

The charitable causes promoted in this truly special evening are exceptional associations that have demonstrated over time that they have the power and desire to make a real change in the fields in which they operate.

Below is the list of participants in the poker game, the chosen charities and the text messages for donations to the @ arcfoundation herotag, corresponding to each individual cause:

George Vlad alias @MisterSpread#Together4Victor – text “Victor”

Vasile Radu#AsociatiaDePoveste – text “200”

Bogdan Muntean#ReheartCare – text “Reheart”

Andrei Luminea#CavaleriiTurnuluiInclinatDinRusi – text “knight”

Alex Zamfir#AsociatiaDeFibrozaChistica – text “ARM”

Radu Nechifor#BabyCareSibiu – text “Babycare”

Traian Anghel#AnimalLifeSibiu – text “life”

Ovidiu Popica#AsociatiaLuthelo – text “Luthelo”

Bogdan Roșianu#CruceaRosie – text “RedCross”

Charity Poker Night Regulations:

There are 9 seats available at the poker table. Members of the MultiversX community can reserve such a player seat by transferring a minimum of $200 in $EGLD or $USDC to the @arcfoundation herotag.

The crypto funds collected by registering the 9 players at the poker table will be distributed after the winners are named as follows:

  • 1st Prize: 33% of funds collected from registration process (~$600)
  • 2nd Prize: 22% of funds collected from registration process (~$400)
  • 3rd Prize: 11% of funds collected from registration process (~$200)

The difference of 34% (~$600) of the funds collected from registrations will be divided equally between the 6 players on the 4th-9th ranks.

Additional donations to all causes are open at the @arcfoundation herotag. Anyone can donate any kind of crypto asset, specifying via text message the charitable cause they want to contribute to!

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