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We live in an age of accelerated change in which technology plays a central and important role

In this context, the blockchain technology has brought a revolutionary approach regarding data transmission, storage and security in the recent years. This approach has proven to have a large-scale applicability, creating a major interest with an impact on the whole world.

The extremely fast development in the technological field creates discrepancies in understanding and accessing the benefits brought by innovations, between IT specialists and the uninitiated. Observing this context and the growing interest in the blockchain / crypto environment, ARC Academy aims to reduce these discrepancies by organizing educational events in an attractive way.




Blockchain Networks

You will understand how blockchain networks work and what advantages it has


Financial Systems

Find out how current financial systems work and what their limitations are



Learn about the innovation and usefulness of the Smart Contract concept


MultiversX Ecosystem

Discover the MultiversX ecosystem and all the advantages it offers


Blockchain Security

Understand the security benefits of blockchain, but also the risks involved



Practical interactions with the most important crypto wallets of the moment



Interact with centralized and decentralized financial systems in the crypto sphere


Financial Opportunities

Familiarize yourself with the wide range of financial opportunities offered by the blockchain



What is a blockchain?

Theoretical concepts related to the blockchain technology. We will find out what are the characteristics of this new technology, compared to traditional systems

  • Bitcoin – Proof of Work
  • Ethereum – Smart Contracts
  • Proof of Stake – MultiversX

Discover the Tokens

How do these tokens set the world in motion? What are they and how do we use them according to their usefulness? The basics we need to pay attention to when it comes to tokenomics.

  • Types of tokens/coins
  • Utility
  • Tokenomics (economic policy of projects)

Security is crucial when it comes to blockchain technology. After this chapter you will understand how blockchain guarantees security and what you need to consider to maintain it:

  • Private key/Public key
  • The secret phrase and its importance
  • Crypto Wallet


  • MultiversX
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin

xPortal App

Learn how to deposit and withdraw your crypto finances using centralized exchange offices (CEX)

  • Binance – the most popular CEX
  • – leader in finance and marketing
  • Crypto cards
  • Other on-ramp/off-ramp intermediaries

Decentralized finance offers unique opportunities.

We will deepen all the financial opportunities that arise from this technology, in an applied and practical way.

  • Holding
  • Staking
  • Liquidity
  • Farming
  • Lending / Borrowing
  • Trading
  • Metastaking & Metabonding
  • NFT Marketplace

Find out how some companies have developed innovative solutions based on blockchain technology and how these have a positive impact in the real world.

After studying and learning about blockchain, we offer you the opportunity to socialize and have fun with the trainers and team members.

Important people from the blockchain world at national and international level may also be present at these events.


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Live Online Blockchain Course – Module 1
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Webinar content: Introduction to blockchain Smart Contracts Tokenomics Crypto wallet...
Live Online Blockchain Course – Module 2
299.00 lei
Webinar content: Binance On-ramp/off-ramp cryptocurrencies Crypto wallet + security Crypto...
Live Course Crypto Blockchain Sibiu
16-17 Martie
1,100.00 lei
Schedule: 16th of March: 10:00 - 18:00 17th of March:...
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